1) Need a cool-down? Stay at Dusky Lodge and enjoy the cool swimming pool during hot summer days!
You need some muscle relaxing after a huge hike or some surfing? Just jump into our Hot Spa and you’ll be ready for your next activity!

2) Time to watch some Whales! Either from the air or on a boat, an adventure you’ll never forget. Usually giant Sperm Whales but sometimes even blue whales and orcas will steal your breath. Kaikouras deep sea trench allows Whales and other sea mammals,
eg. Dolphins to catch a lot of food, so they are swimming just a couple of miles in front of the coast.

3) Ever swam over a 3km deep sea trench and interact with the most acrobatic Dolphins in the world? In Kaikoura, you’ll be able to get as close to the world famous Dusky Dolphin as nowhere else! Either as a watcher on the boat or in a comfy wetsuit with fins
and snorkel, you decide how to experience a unique natural phenomenon.

4) Seal Kayaking around Kaikouras beautiful and dramatically impressive Peninsula is a definite must do at your visit!
Either guided with a lot of facts about Kaikouras marine life and the special geological situation or just rent a kayak and spot some seals by yourself. You will definitely see some as they love to come close and present themselves!
Tipp: Experience the sunset tour with unforgettable images of Kaikouras mountains.

5) Peninsula Walk. A must do, free activity for fantastic views over our little, beautiful town, the mountains in the back and the ocean right in front of you. In about 2,5 – 3 h you’ll finish the whole walk and you can finish it off with some real authentic seafood aka
Crayfish & co. from the „Seafood Barbecue“ just on the way to the peninsula. A delicious experience, even with small budgets.